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Nicole, mama to Augi and Zoli Nancy, mama to Winter and Summer Diana, mama to Liam and Lincoln
Homegrown and born out of love, hope, and aspirations that our children will grow up to be everything good, kind, and happy, and that they also learn A Little Chinese along the way. With much love,
Encourage a Strong Bilingual Foundation
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Homegrown and Home-based
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What Our Families Say

These posters and the learning video is super helpful and I'm glad I came across these. My toddler and I would go over these posters a few minutes everyday. Highly recommend to have these visual aids for your bilingual journey.
Margaret Lim
The posters arrived really quickly and were shipped flat! No issues whatsoever. Posters are clear, large enough with appropriate fonts used. Great for beginners to learn some basic mandarin. Comes with audio so you can practice your pronounciations too. Love the fact that it shows both the characters and the pin yin.
I ordered these because I’m not that fluent in Mandarin and really want my daughter to learn! The posters arrived quickly, were shipped flat, and are laminated (and durable). My daughter loves them! She often will walk over to the posters and start pointing and trying to read off of them. I especially love that they have English, pinyin, and Mandarin to help a non-native speaker like me learn alongside my daughter. It’s clear the moms who created it worked really hard on making this a great product for little ones.
Vo N.
Love these posters! My husband is a native Mandarin speaker, I am not. My kid loves to point at the different things on each poster as I say what it is. As my Mandarin is basic, I loved using the videos to check my pronunciation. The posters have a coating on both sides and can easily be wiped off from dirty toddler fingers.

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